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∙ Iona Soccer Club is a recreational soccer program that participates in the Lebanon Valley Youth Soccer League (LVYSL). Our program is based at the South Lebanon Elementary School. We have ten fields ranging from small U5 size fields, up to large 9v9 fields ∙

∙ We offer outdoor soccer during the fall/spring seasons, and indoor Futsal during the winter months. The fall/spring seasons typically run eight weeks with the fall season starting in late August through October and Spring from March through May ∙

∙ Our Futsal league during the winter months (Dec-Feb) consists of sixteen teams across four age groups ranging from U9-U17. The season is hosted in the South Lebanon Elementary School gym. Futsal is a fast paced game that helps develop foot skills and overall ball movement. 

Age Groups

∙ We offer age groups from U5-U19 (3yr-18yr) ∙


∙ The U5 and U7 programs are internal to the club. The U5 is an early age introduction to soccer. It starts as young as 3yrs old and focuses on basic touches of the ball. The most important part at this stage is creating a fun and inviting atmosphere. The U7 program is focused more on basic game play with moving into the 4v4 game format. The U7 age group is a stepping stone into U9 where you compete against other clubs within the LVYSL ∙


∙ Our U9/U11 programs are both 7v7 (6 players, 1 goalie)  and played on the same size fields. At this level the players begin to learn positioning, efficient passing, and over all team soccer ∙

∙ 7v7 (6 players, 1 goalie)


∙ 8-weeks of games (spring & fall) competing against other clubs in the league ∙

∙ 14 player MAX roster ∙

∙ Size 4 ball ∙


∙ The older age groups graduate onto a larger playing field, official ref's, offside offenses and 9v9 game play. At the oldest group (U19) we offer a rec program for players 15-18yrs old. Depending on registration numbers from season to season the teams throughout the U15/U19 can sometimes be co-ed. We always try to optimize our teams so that everyone has sufficient playing time.

∙ 9v9 (8 players, 1 goalie)


∙ 8-weeks of games (spring & fall) competing against other clubs in the league ∙

∙ 18 player MAX roster ∙

∙ Size 5 ball ∙


∙ Futsal is our indoor program ran through the winter months. It typically runs from December-February. Futsal is a fast paced 4v4 and 5v5 format. It's generally played on a basketball style court with medium sized pop-up goals. Our program runs in the South Lebanon Elementary School gymnasium, on Sunday afternoons. Futsal helps develop necessary foot skills and ball control, as the ball is much faster rolling on the gym floor. The Futsal ball is weighted and does not have as much bounce as a traditional soccer ball.  

∙ U11-U17 4v4 (3 players, 1 goalie) ∙


∙ U9 5v5 (4 players, 1 goalie) ∙


∙ Round robin tournament style throughout the season with top two teams per age group receiving awards ∙

∙ Golden boot award to the top most scoring player for each age group ∙

∙ 6-8 player size roster ∙

∙ Played with Fustal ball ∙


For more info on our programs please contact us at

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