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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to attend South Lebanon Elementary School to play for the Iona Soccer Club?
Our club accepts players from any part of Lebanon County.


What age does my child need to be to begin playing for the Iona Soccer Club?
Your child needs to be at least 3 years old to be part of a team.

How are the age groups determined?
Ages are determined by the players date of birth every fall.  Whatever level the player plays in the Fall season, they will continue to play in the Spring.  Click below to view the age group chart showing what level your child should play.

When does the season begin?
The Fall season begins in mid August | The Spring season begins in mid March

When are practices held?
Practice days and times will be determined by the coaching staff. There are 2 practices per week and they are held Monday thru Thursday after 5:30PM.

When are the games held?

All soccer games are held on Saturdays with the exception of a possible Sunday game. All games are scheduled by the Lebanon Valley Youth Soccer League (LVYSL).

U9 - 25 min halves

U11 - 30 min halves

U13 & U15 - 35 min halves

What size ball is needed?
U5 and U7 use a size 3 ball
U9 and U11 use a size 4 ball
U13 and up use a size 5 ball

Are the teams coed?
U5 & U7 teams are all coed.  U9 and over is only coed if there are not enough players to make a team.  This is rare, but it could happen.

Can my child request to play with a friend?
We will do everything possible to meet requests, but they are not guaranteed.

Do I need experience playing soccer to coach?
No.  The most important part of coaching youth soccer is enthusiasm!  If you are willing to dedicate some of your free time, we will help you any way we can.

YES!  We are a volunteer organization so without volunteers, the club wouldn't be able to survive.  We need help with field lining, field layout, team snack coordination, and with our fundraisers.  Contact a club officer to volunteer!

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